Visiting Practitioner Platform


Some of you will recall a few weeks ago I recorded a short Linkedin video to ask if anyone knew of a Visiting Practitioner Platform. I’d been asking this question for a while now. I found it surprising that one didn’t already exist. But it seems it didn’t.

What is a Visiting Practitioner Platform? Simply, a site where spas or hotels or anyone else for that matter can find specialist practitioners to come for short periods to perform their specialist treatment. So, if you don’t have a yoga teacher at your spa and don’t want to hire someone full time, you can find one who might just come for a few weeks. That way you can promote a special Yoga Month at your spa. The next month you might want to have a Meditation Master promotion. Again, you should be able to find a meditation guru out there who is happy to travel, doesn’t want to commit to a full-time position and would love the opportunity to work with you.

I was sure a site like this would be useful. Often times, as I travelled around, spa owners and managers would tell me they’re looking for something extra. Something new to add to their list of services. But they would also tell me they couldn’t justify putting such a practitioner on the payroll. At the same time, I was getting messages from practitioners trying to sell me their services, on a short-term basis, for our spas. There was clearly a demand there on both sides. But there was nothing to satisfy this demand.

Problem – Solution

It seemed like a pretty simple problem to solve too. All you really needed was a website where practitioners could load their profile. Potential clients could then browse the profiles and connect with the practitioners that offer what they’re looking for. Simple enough.

So, I had a chat to a friend of mine who is a bit clever when it comes to things like coding, programming and websites. I told him of the problem. He just smiled and said, ‘Well that’s easy to solve. Gimme a few weeks.’ And here we are, a few weeks later, look what he made…



Simple as that!

It’s just a basic site at this stage. It’s a First Beta as the tech types call it. But it does the trick. You can see he already has a few practitioners signed up to the site. You can browse their profiles, see if anything is of interest to you, and if so, contact them directly. And best of all, he’s made it all free. Free to load your profile if you’re a Visiting Practitioner. Free to view the profiles and connect with them if you’re a client.

Assuming the site continues to grow, he has committed to building in more features. Most importantly, he has committed to always keep the site FREE! Why? Well, he said it was quick and easy to build and won’t really cost much to maintain and this is what he does for fun! Go figure! Worst case scenario, he said, if The Spa Platform ends up getting so much traffic that the hosting costs get a bit high, he ‘ll just run a few ad blocks on the site. That should be enough to cover any costs.

Join The Spa Platform

To have your Visiting Practitioner Profile loaded…

  1. Click HERE to go to the Registration page.
  2. Then you click on the link to Download Profile Template.
  3. Complete the template and return it via email to the address mentioned on the form.

Or, if you’re a spa or hotel or business or anyone else interested in the services of a Visiting Practitioner, just browse the site.