Tomorrow Spa – The Future of Hotel Spas


Welcome to Tomorrow Spa – The Future of Hotel Spas.

It’s my first ever eBook!

These days I find I’m constantly asking myself – and anyone else who will listen – what will the spa of tomorrow look like. Should it be the same as today? Does it need to evolve? Is what we’re doing now working? What else could a spa look and feel like in the future?

All of these questions led me to create this short eBook to outline some of my thinking on the issue.

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Sneak Peak

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the thoughts you’ll find inside…

Hotel spas have come a long way, yet they haven’t really gone anywhere. 

…today we have a concept designed for the grand old days of luxury hotels that is trying to exist in a very different environment to the one it was intended for. 

The challenge for hotel spas is going to be delivering on a concept as broad as Wellness.


…when it comes to doctors, we still tend to put our faith in the field of medicine itself, rather than a specific brand of clinic or hospital…

…the idea of a medical spa in a hotel makes the legal folks shudder…

What if the whole idea of spa didn’t exist today and you had an empty space in your hotel? How would you use the space?

…if you want your hotel spa to be relevant to your guests of tomorrow, you need to do away with all your pre-conceived notions of what a spa should be…


Enjoy the read!