Trent Munday Newsletter


It’s been a few months since my last Newsletter. The reason for that is I’ve been debating the format and the content. Is the current format really bringing you enough value to justify taking up space in your Inbox? Considering around 50% of the people who receive this Newsletter actually open the email, I guess it would be easy to argue that yes, it is bringing value. (If you didn’t know, open rates of 20% would generally be considered pretty good. So 50% if GREAT!)

Still, I can’t help but think I should only really be sending you a Newsletter whenever I’ve got something interesting and compelling to tell you about. Then again, for me to sit here and try to work out what is of value to you, is probably a never ending and ultimately futile task anyway.

See, I’m conflicted.

Now, as it’s turned out, the last couple of months have been pretty eventful.

I presented at the Spa China Summit in Xi’an on Business Strategies For Your Spa

Here’s the full presentation:

I also hosted a Panel at the Spa China Summit to discuss the Health & Wellness Business Opportunities in China

Here’s the Panel Discussion:

I spent a week in Japan inspecting two new Spa projects.

Then I attended the Global Wellness Summit in Singapore. Lots of interesting discussions there. One of the key developments here was the release of a new research report – Move to Be Well: The Global Economy of Physical Fitness. This report broadened the scope of the sector of Physical Activity and as such grew the total size of the Global Wellness Economy to $4.5 trillion.

And finally, I made a trip to Russia to visit our Spas in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The highlight for me, was the opportunity to host a Public Talk in St. Petersburg for the Royal Club. The focus of the talk was on Wellness Trends.