Book Review | Touched – True Stories From Inside The Massage Room


I am not a fan of promoting specific products and services in my articles. The problem is, even if I truly believe in the merits of that thing, there can sometimes be an assumption of bias. Sometimes that assumption is strong enough for a reader to doubt the entirety of your premise.

Today I will be making an exception.

I want to tell you about a new book…

Touched – True Stories From Inside The Massage Room

Kamillya Hunter is the author. She is a connection on Linkedin. We have never met. We had never even communicated with each other until this week. A post from Kamillya announcing the pending arrival of her new book appeared in my stream. The title fascinated me. I reached out and told Kamillya I’d love to hear more about the content of the book. A few days later I had an Advanced Reader Copy. Just in time for the weekend.

Now, I’m not a big reader. Lucky for me, Touched isn’t a big book. Just eleven chapters and less than 130 pages. It’s a quick, easy read. Best of all, the content and voice is really interesting. For anyone with an interest in the business of spa or a career in the spa industry, I highly recommend reading this little tome. (There’s a fancy literary-type word for ya!?!)


No points for guessing what the book is all about. It’s all in the title. The life of a massage therapists as told by a massage therapist. And there’s the added perspective of these stories being told from the point of view of a black bodyworker.

I eventually learned that massage was much more than a job that put food on my table. Throughout my career, I met and touched thousands of people. Many only came across my table once, and I saw others too many times to count. The following clients left a permanent impression on my life, whether they realized it or not. These are the stories that helped me realize that the power of touch is never delivered in just one direction. They are in no particular order. The names have been changed to protect their privacy.

                                                                                                Kamillya Hunter

Like I said. It’s an interesting read and well worth a look.

The Kindle version is scheduled to be published on March 16, but you can pre-order now (I just checked, it’s only $3.13!!) by clicking on this link –

A paperback version should be available a week or two later.

Would love to hear from anyone else who reads the book to hear your thoughts.