Asia Pacific Spa and Wellness Coalition Roundtable 2017 – The Devil You Know


I was recently invited to present at the Asia Pacific Spa and Wellness Coalition Roundtable 2017 in Bangkok on March 16th & 17th.

The format of the gathering is for a few speakers to address some key topics and then turn it over to the room to discuss the issues and hopefully work through some possible solutions and / or alternatives. An interesting format and certainly a noble mission in terms of trying to give the delegates some real actionable take aways.

But my immediate question to myself was ‘How can I actually add some meaningful value to the event?”. Is just turning up and saying my bit for a few minutes really the best use of my time AND does it really give the rest of the attendees the best bang for their buck?

In speaking with the organiser, it was clear that the main objective was to encourage robust conversations. This is often the aim of these conference but sadly they often turn into a bit of a love fest as the room of like minded folks gravitates to the same old topics and focus on validating each other’s beliefs rather than questioning them.

So I had an idea.

How about I play the role of Devil’s Advocate! In this role, it’s my job to offer an alternate perspective to whatever position the speakers put forward. I would effectively be questioning their stance and suggesting instead another viewpoint. After all, there’s nothing better to stimulate a conversation than having people with differing points of view.


Luckily, the organiser also saw the merit in this idea and so now that’s exactly what I’ll be doing.

Do you want me to get answers to any questions you might have? Or do you want me to raise a viewpoint of yours? If so, just leave a note in the comments below and I’ll do my bit to represent!

Key Topics…

1. Best methods of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for spas.

2. Well-Design & Building in the spa industry.

3. Managing a Millenial Workforce.

4. Remaining High Touch in a High Tech world.

It could be very interesting – or it could be a complete disaster.

Will let you know the outcome in a couple of weeks.