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Commoditisation of Spas

Hotels have long relied on the spa to provide them a USP. Something that the hotel can hold up as a shining example of the creativity, innovation and unique identity of the property. Certainly in the early days of spa and indeed for many years after, this was true. But those days are gone. Rather…

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Hotel Spas and the Wellness Journey – Part 1

I wrote recently about the potential for spas to be the ‘Organisational Face of Wellness’. The theory here being that spas provide a safe and understandable entry point into the diverse and often confusing world of Wellness. Much like a hospital is the organisational face of illness. Patients rarely know which medical specialist is the…

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Hyatt and Miraval – The Long Game

A few weeks ago Hyatt Hotels announced that it had acquired Miraval, one the leading destination wellness resorts in the US. In the official press release from Hyatt, CEO Mark Hoplamazian said “…wellness is an area that is becoming increasingly important to our guests…” and he went on to talk about Hyatt extending into “…adjacent…

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