Evolution of Destination Spas | Ep. 3

In Episode #3 The Evolution of Destination Spas we’ll explore how the Destination Spas of today have evolved from the Fat Farms of yesterday. But somehow they’ve never really taken off. Destination Spas have been gazumped by Fitness Centres and then by Hotel Spas. But maybe now’s the time. But beware of Wellness Living. That’s…

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Evolution of Day Spas | Ep.2

In Episode #2 I’ll take you for a brief history tour to show you how this whole Day Spa concept came to be. From the early pre-Industrial Revolution days right through to day. See how amazing female entrepreneurs like Martha Matilda Harper & Helena Rubinstein blazed the trail. First with hair salons, then beauty salons….

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Spa – What’s in a name? | Episode 1

In Episode #1 we start with a discussion on what spa really means. Though it’s a word that has become part of the lexicon all over the world, it is one that means different things to different people in different parts of the world. I’ll take a look at the origins of the word ‘Spa’…

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Welcome to the Show

In this, the very first episode of my very first podcast I’ll set the scene for where I plan to go with the show. Over the course of this series I will bring you insights, advice and information that will be useful to anyone in and around the spa industry…and beyond. With this show I…

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