Evolution of Hotel Spas | Ep. #4

In Episode #1 we start with a discussion on what spa really means. Though it’s a word that has become part of the lexicon all over the world, it is one that means different things to different people in different parts of the world.

I’ll take a look at the origins of the word ‘Spa’ and how even that is something that the Spa & Wellness industry can’t even seem to agree upon.

We’ll also explore how the term ‘Wellness’ has to come to be the defining term for our industry.



Global Spa Summit is the leading Spa & Wellness industry event. Each year the event is hosted in a different country. 2017 will be in Florida, U.S.

Global Wellness Institute is again the global authority on all things Spa & Wellness.

The History of Wellness timeline



Spa Sounds


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  1. Well done! Kudos! You are the first one that i heard use s.p.a. as a backronym. I thought that could be plausible but Prof. Jonathan Paul De Vierville said absolutely no! So the word is used in many different ways.
    Good info, well produced. Keep up the good work. Now you will need to distribute it and get the #spa word out!

    • Thanks again Mark. Would be curious to know what argument the Prof. gives to dispute the backronym theory. Seems odd to me if it infact was an acronym, why didn’t it appear in literature way back then?


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